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Engagment Editors

For Engagement Editors

Customise your tools

No two sites are the same, and your tools need to reflect that. Instead of relying on an opaque generic algorithm, Talk’s user filters will help you use the past behavior of your users to make future actions more scalable. And because everything we make is open source and designed for expansion, you can add your own features without needing to go through us.

Scale your workload

By using Ask, you can quickly create workflows to make your job easier. This allows you to manage and tag contributions, create galleries, and filter out unhelpful submissions with a few clicks of your mouse. Our Talk moderation interfaces are designed around simplicity, speed, and increased options to let you curate content efficiently; our dashboard focuses on activity that requires your attention.

Find great contributions

Most onsite community resources go into tackling trolls and abuse. By using Talk and Ask, you can better control for negative interactions, allowing you to spend more time finding useful contributions, and sharing them with journalists and your audience.

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